How can you help today?

Since my last post, I have made some revisions to the laravel app I am working on. It is still basically the chirper app that I built using the Laravel Bootcamp, but I did restyle it so it looks like I want it to, and I learned a little Tailwind.css and Vue in the process. Check it out here: and feel free to kick the tires by registering a new user and telling people what you need so they can help.

About those variables …

Today, I added a new page, Template Documentation, which explains the variables at the top of every page of my new PHP template. And I refined a few things here and there.

I also recrafted a PHP function that was originally authored by a former colleague; the function allows you to create subsites within the new PHP template, for new directories, like the docs directory I created today.

Can’t wait until I can actually begin the design of the new template. Soon, perhaps?

What /docs/template/ looks like today.

New PHP template begins

Today, I set up a new public repo for a PHP template I created, which can be seen here. It’s not much to look at yet, but I wanted its first commits to be a bare shell of a template that can be expanded with room to grow.

I will be working through some new tutorials and using this template to show my work.

I might keep going and fully redesign this entire website.

Suggestions, collaboration, pull requests – welcome and considered.

What /index2.php looks like today

LCISD Workshop Meeting, Aug. 13, 2019 – Special Education Update

Audio starts with a public comment from Michelle Armstrong and then the board hears from Director of Special Education Tiffany Mathis who updates them on the increase in special education services in the past year. The board then asks questions. Click the three dots above to download the audio MP3 file.

Astros discuss ‘difficult decision’ before the game even starts

The Houston Astros made national news yesterday, and not just for their 3-2 loss to the Dodgers last night and George Springer’s thumb injury.

The big news came before the game, when Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow released a statement about the club’s quote “difficult decision” to add closer Roberto Osuna to its roster last week – even though he was still under a 75-game suspension for violating the league’s domestic violence policy.

Osuna is facing criminal charges in Canada for allegedly assaulting his domestic partner; but the Candadian court system hasn’t fully released details of the charges.

His court date has been reset to early September – yesterday, he joined the Astros’ active roster.

In his statement to the press, Astros GM Luhnow wrote, “We welcome being held accountable for all of our personnel decisions. Time will tell which ones were right and wrong. We believe that Roberto will not let us down.”

According to a column in The Toronto Sun published over the weekend, The Astros had been interested in Osuna for more than a year; last year, The Blue Jays rejected their offer for the star closing pitcher.

This year’s offer from the Houston Astros for the 23-year-old facing criminal charges was for about half of last year’s offer, according to the Toronto Sun.