Father’s Day and Marshall’s first month

Yesterday, Marshall celebrated his first full month in the outside world and Kim posted a photo to commemorate the occasion on Facebook.

Here’s the photo I took of him on June 18 after he had gone to sleep for the night (3~ hours).

More photos from Marshall’s second month can be found in the Marshall M2 album.

Which means I have finished the Meet Marshall album, which marks his first month. I might upload more photos from other people (Kim) to it at a later date, but for the most part, what is in there is what I have from his first month. Except for the videos which I have taken but haven’t posted yet.

Sitting in his chair
Kim took this photo. Find it and more in the Meet Marshall album.
Father's Day 2012
Sunday was Father’s Day.
Haven’t taken a lot of photos of the cat recently. But the few good ones that I have are now online.
And somehow the garden is still doing kind of OK.

First taste of Rich Sweetness 132

On June 7, I started picking melons which I planted in February and that germinated on March 1. The Rich Sweetness 132 melon, purchased as seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, is — well — interesting.

Its taste is best described by Max E, who wrote a review at the page linked to above:

Flavor is still mild, somewhere in between a musky cucumber and a honeydew. My mom said to her they tasted a bit like conventional (as in commercial) honeydew. The jelly part with the seeds in the middle ARE sort of sour and astringent, so scoop, save seed (one melon will provide enough seeds to last forever) and enjoy.

I think next Spring I’ll be trying my hand at cantaloupe, hoping for a sweeter fruit, now that I have proven I can grow melons. A previous attempt in 2009 to grow watermelons yielded only one specimen on Oct. 3, 2009.

Corina with the 2009 watermelon
Corina with the 2009 watermelon
Inside the watermelon
Inside the watermelon