Visiting the park at New Territory

We went to visit the park at the New Territory master planned monstrosity over there in that part of Richmond that isn’t really Richmond but they had to call it something after they paved the way for the Grand Parkway maybe ten years ago or so.

It’s a fun park.

I took a video of Marshall going down the slide.

Here’s some photos:







See even more photos:

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Year in Review: Google+ video edition

Happy New Year! This year was filled with many memories, and I probably took more photos this year than ever before.

Google made this movie automatically from photos I’ve uploaded to Google+ Photo Albums and added it to my Google+ photos, with a private setting. Auto awesome! Good thing I didn’t make it public, it contained photos of people who aren’t family and shouldn’t be in the video! So I edited it in Adobe Premiere and uploaded the result to YouTube, after taking out the annoying music, too.