Mr. Beaumont

Ace reporter Ken Fountain, a personal friend and colleague, has moved to Beaumont to continue his craft of raising hell and taking names, or – at least – taking names and dodging storms.

I first met Ken in college, when we both were sharpening our skills at The Daily Cougar. He was the ace reporter who always got it right and I was the columnist who never knew what time it was. Since then, he had a stint at many a small paper around Houston and we last worked together at the Houston Chronicle’s Neighborhood News department.

We all got together to bid him farewell recently, and I snapped a few shots of the journalistic legend. But, I was shooting into the glare of a large window behind him, so I have altered the following photos to highlight his good features.

Keep in touch, buddy.

Ken Fountain and one margarita
Ken Fountain and one margarita

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