Buddy Press is go

Today, I downloaded BuddyPress ( http://www.buddypress.org ) and spent a good chunk of the day trying to apply it to my existing theme on this website. I wasn’t very successful, but I learned a lot about BuddyPress in the process. Then, I found a page in the instructions that I should have read first that explained how to install it in a secondary site so that it does not affect your primary site.

Ten minutes later, I had BuddyPress up and running with its default theme on my server here:


Feel free to register as a new user and take the system out for a spin, and be sure to kick the tires.

One thought on “Buddy Press is go”

  1. It should be noted that I have since deleted the site, after quickly determining that BuddyPress isn’t right for this website or the one I manage at work because of it’s complexity and it’s non-intuitive design and site structure.

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