It’s a boy!

As announced yesterday on my Facebook and Kim’s Facebook, we’re proud to announce here that we learned that we’re expecting a baby …

B O Y ! ! !

Kim and her It's a Boy shirt
Kim readied this shirt to wear to work in an attempt to not have to talk to everyone and their annoying questions.

You know how when, before you know, people are all up in you business like,

“So, what do you want it to be …”

And then you’re all like …

“I don’t care, man – as long as it’s healthy … “

And it wouldn’t be that bad to have these words come out of your own mouth if you didn’t have to keep repeating them. I mean, everyone asks this question. You can not escape the stereotypical questions that people ask when you are anticipating a birth of a child; the only thing you can do is limit the number of people you tell by only posting about it online where surely no one will go and read about it.

Oh, you have a website? That’s nice … hey, you should friend me on Facebook.

I’m lucky; I’m not showing. If these types of conversations start, they’re typically my fault.

ultrasound image one
Our baby boy, Dec. 20, 2011

Anyway, back to how they always ask that question and how you’re always supposed to pretend that you don’t have a preference so as to not offend anyone who may have a differing preference or to let on that you may be disappointed if it turns out your baby is not the sex you were hoping it would be.

Well, here, today, on this very blog, I will summon up the courage to say, I did have a preference, and I’m glad that it is a boy.

Because, with a boy, I can …

  • Go fishing (and by fishing, I mean visit aquariums and pet stores to stock our own)
  • Take apart electronics and try to put them back together again
  • Work out in the garden
  • Ride bikes and play sports
  • Grill meat and otherwise make messes in kitchen areas
  • Find new and exciting ways to irritate mom
ultra sound image two
Our baby boy, Dec. 20, 2011

I’m also pretty sure that if it turned out to be a girl that I would have written this blog the exact same way, except I would have just replaced the word “boy” with the word “girl.”

8 thoughts on “It’s a boy!”

  1. Glad you finished that blog by stating you could do all of those things with a girl, because I was about to give you a piece of my girly mind!

    PS. You could have written this blog on Facebook, geez. 😛

    1. You can’t reply to comments on Facebook. Your comment goes at the bottom of the pile. That’s just one of the many reasons I’ll keep publishing my self-hosted blog on my own web server space. But feel free to give me a piece of your girly mind – here, or there – regardless! Most of my traffic on this site comes from Facebook. Facebook is winning the web wars: They have the audience. Until, that is, something better comes along that people actually use.

  2. I TOTALLY agree with everything you just said! Having preferences is normal.

    I know when I was expecting baby #2, I wanted it to be a boy – just because. No reason. I already had a beautiful girl, and I wanted a boy.

    But even though I had another girl, it’s beautiful in its own way. Now my little girl has a sister and that’s a wonderful bond, too.

    Sadly, I think it is more society that starts putting us in these weird situations. Like I’ve already had somebody ask me: So when are you having baby #3?

    I said: Uh, why?

    “Oh, so you can have your baby boy, of course.”

    Of course. I mean since this random person can totally GUARANTEE the gender of my third (potential) child.

    Anyway, so happy for you and Kim 🙂 Best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery!

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