Sprouting right along

Today it rained all day. But that didn’t stop me. I repotted a few zinnia seedlings that were growing two to three to a little pot. And I looked at all the seedling trays and added new seeds where nothing shot up (or is about to break through the soil).

Over the last few days, the following seeds have sprouted – basically in this order:

Basil (from an “organic” Burpee seed packed I bought at Lowe’s last year), phlox, pepperoncini peppers, Renee’s Garden catmint ordered last year and lavender (from Botanical Interests seed packet purchased at Enchanted Forest last year).

At this point, only three varieties of seed I bought new for this season haven’t fully germinated yet. I did pick around in the soil today, and everything in this list below is on its way up — except the lobelia. Sigh — it was the one I was most looking forward to.

Stay tuned.

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