Seed Traders for Future Generations

I joined a seed trading group on Facebook called Seed Traders for Future Generations after hearing about it from Pammy over at Thyme Square Gardens.

As soon as I joined, I was welcomed by several new members, and I quickly put together my list of available seed for trade — most of which was leftover seeds from the two orders I placed at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Pinetree Garden Seeds this year.

Within two days, I had four trades set up and new friends to annoy with photos from my garden.

Seeds aren’t the first thing I’ve traded over the Internet. I also trade live music, but never sell it.

This weekend on April 1, I was able to plant seeds from three of the trades while I planted seeds from the first trade on March 26.

Here’s what’s growing and when it was planted:

Planted on April 1:

Tarragon – Mexican (Sweet Mace)
Butternut Squash Waltham
Dwarf Pink Zinnias
Pure Cherry Zinnia
Blanket Flower Aristata
Echinacea (Purple Coneflower)
Lavatara Silver Cup Pink
Pink Dawn Rose of Sharon Hibiscus
Thai red Roselle OG Heirloom
Zanzi Palm Castor Bean
Marigold (orange) (old seed)
Hollyhock Indian Spring Dbl Blooming Pink
Jalapeno M (old seed)

Planted on March 26:

Seashell Cosmos
Burgandy Hollyhock
Sheep Nose Pimento peppers
Ancho San Martin peppers

Today, on April 4, I have noticed germination of the following (in order of most seedlings):

Seashell Cosmos – Anton, Texas
Dwarf Pink Zinnias – Covington, Georgia
Burgandy Hollyhock – Anton, Texas
Lavatara Silver Cup Pink – Covington, Georgia
Ancho San Martin peppers – Anton, Texas
Tarragon – Mexican (Sweet Mace) – Wheat Ridge, Colorado

The first seeds to emerge were the Seashell Cosmos that I received first and planted first, as part of a trade from Anton, Texas. I can’t remember the first day they started to germinate, but it was less than a week after I planted them.

Seashell cosmos

What’s great about trading seeds is that, for little investment, I’ve doubled the varieties of seed I’m growing this season thanks to people who have mostly saved heirloom seed from previous seasons. Now, to learn about saving my own seed so that there’s less to buy next season — and more to trade.

I’ll keep you posted.

5 thoughts on “Seed Traders for Future Generations”

  1. The next day, three more were starting to come up.

    Thai red Roselle OG Heirloom – Waller, Texas
    Sheep Nose Pimento peppers – Anton, Texas
    Marigold (orange) (old seed) – Wheat Ridge, CO

      1. Heh, not quite yet! I believe i have two or three Roselle plants scattered across the beds … I’m really looking forward to the fruit, though – I’ll try to keep you posted!

  2. By today, the following has germinated:

    Pure Cherry Zinnia
    Blanket Flower Aristata
    Zanzi Palm Castor Bean
    Jalapeno M (old seed)

    Leaving only two varieties yet to germinate. But I believe they will soon.

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