3 thoughts on “Good humour”

  1. My phone/camera settings must not be set correctly! What should the settings be so my pictures you put on here are clearer?

    1. These photos are perfect! You could set your camera’s flash to always fire, it looks like its on the default setting right now. Your Canon detects if there is enough light in a room for a photo and of there is, it optimizes it. It did so well here …. Flash always makes photos look synthetic to me … These look real. I love them, hence why I posted them here, apart from the rest.

      1. Well, OK. If you think they’re clear. These were taken with my phone. ISO settings could be set at 100, 2, 4 or 800. I just keep that on default. Another setting is exposure value. Can be set anywher from 2 through -2, with 1/3 increments. I have that on 0. And aspect ratio, 16:9 or 4:3. I keep that on 16:9. White balance, I change according to the type of light there is where I’m taking the picture. Cloudy, daylight, fluorescent or incandescent. So, I don’t have a flash on the phone’s camera. I love my phone’s camera. It just bothers me when I am unsure what to put the settings on. But, I can always edit them if they don’t look the way I want them to.
        OK. Thanks, then.

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