CSS: Rotating header, etc.

I found some CSS links today:

CSS code-writing applications

How to create a CSS-based rollover image effect

And then I found an interesting article about fostering online communities which contains the quote of the day:

“Any time you construct specific rules of engagement, they are instantly open to interpretation and circumvention, and we want our members to negotiate their place with each other, not with The Authority.”

But then I found what I was really looking for. A nifty way to make the main image on my home page change every time it is refreshed in a user’s browser, lending a new feel for when people come back to pay it a visit. I heard about this nifty tool from Nathan Smith. Here’s a look at it in action.

It was made possible by a genius named Dan Benjamin, and was first showcased on his journal A List Apart.

Here’s a direct link to the PHP script that makes it all possible, but really, go ahead and click the “A List Apart” link above to get the full picture of what you’re getting into first.

I can’t wait to get started on this. So, excuse me while I put down some code.  Oh, and Obama has North Carolina but Hillary leads in Indiana. Shudder.

CSS Zen Garden

I was googling again, trying to find something with the keywords ‘CSS’ and ‘web design’ and came across CSS Zen Garden.

And now, I just need to immerse myself in some CSS code, digest it and dissect it, in my never-ending pursuit to bore the hell out of you, my audience.

So, my favorite CSS Zen Gardens, in no particular order:

Business Style

Tiny Blue

Classic 45’s

CSS Hen Garden


All of the proper CSS Zen Gardens

Ahhh…. Now to start experimenting with my site.

WordPress themes …

Well, of course, I’m not going to let this default theme that comes with WordPress sit up here for long. At first glance, here are a couple that have caught my eye on the official theme site:

Dust 3.17 This one is pretty cool, and apparently involves rotating downtown views from across the world. But I’d have to go in and modify some of its ultra-modern annoyances.

Darkwater 1.1 This one includes a photo of the ocean, which, of course is a plus. And maybe I’ll be able to modify it to change out the background photo from time to time. Hmm….

What do you think?

Hello world!

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