Our wedding coozie designs

Today, I finished the designs for the coozies that we will give away during our wedding.

I designed them using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS4.

Here they are:

blue coozie
The blue "formal" coozie.

Photos taken for the blue coozie were shot by Pin Lim, from our engagement photo shoot. The background of this coozie will be blue, so the ink needs to be white, and so the white ink is black above – which means it’s kind of hard to tell what this one will look like. I’m confident it will be awesome.

white coozie
The white "fun" coozie.

One of the photos taken for the white coozie was shot by Pin Lim (see the one on the far right). The others were shot myself, holding the camera out at a decent distance. This coozie was white with blue ink, so it’s not hard to see what it will look like, since the black ink above will be blue.

UPDATE: See a photo of the finished coozie, printed by Kustom Koozies, from Pin Lim’s wedding photo shoot:

The coozies
The coozies came out great. Our guests loved them!

Melissaandtim.com: My cousin Melissa’s wedding

My cousin’s getting married, so that means I’ve been tapped as the photographer, and my only condition was that I can use the photos on a Web site in an effort to tap into the lucrative wedding business.

By working for free. Go figure.

www.melissaandtim.com … tell me what you think.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Melissa and Tim get married

Melissa and Tim get married

Melissa and Tim get married


I have begun to play around with FriendFeed and have added it to my Facebook page and most recently to this blog. Does anybody else use FriendFeed? I like how it allows all of my content that I place elsewhere to be placed within it, but I’m still not sure if this is good or bad. For instance, some content is really only for some eyes. If you’re my friend, and you’re internet savvy, then you’re likely connected to me on one of these social media networks. But FriendFeed allows me to broadcast my activity on these sites here on other pages … and I’m not sure if that’s what I want. Hmmm….

Installed: ShareThis!

Last night, I added a new plugin to my blog which allows users to share my posts across any imaginable social network or link posting service.

I originally stumbled upon the ShareThis service by avidly reading Wired.com, which uses it. I used it a few times to forward articles to that certain someone, you know, to further affirm my geekness 2.0. When I first saw the ShareThis interface, I thought: How much is too much? I mean, seriously: All of the latest and greatest Web services just seem to be small variations on the same four-pronged theme: Post content. Share it. Comment on what your friends are posting. Repeat.

Of course, the only problem with that idea is that, thanks to the outburst of all these nifty services, everyone does the same thing a different way. Usually, compatibility seems to be the last consideration.

With ShareThis’ more-is-never-enuff approach, though, at least none of my readers can claim they were left out.