TV taught me …

Elektra is a piss-poor action flick. Yawn.

There are at least 25 memorable swimsuit moments.

Kelsey Grammaer is the producer of Medium, a decent show that involves this woman who dreams the future and who got mad at her husband for knowing something he didn’t want to tell her because he’s a nice guy.

Jay Leno still reads headlines.

Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man.

Niles was instantly attracted to Daphne when they first met on the Lifetime 11 p.m. rerun.

3 thoughts on “TV taught me …”

  1. Thanks for catching that. I noticed that after Frasier ended last night, but I figured I’d see if yer mad copy-editing skillz prevailed. Shure ’nuff, they did.

  2. so THAT’s what tv taught you. i’m going to tell it to keep its swimsuit moments to itself. and, ahem, it’s kelsey grammer with an e. not that i care. but you know me and my love of spelling and grammar. not grammer. argh. whatever.

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