Linkpost 05.17.08

Been surfing a lot lately. Here’s what I’ve been reading up on.

Web standards | Here’s the rationale behind the push for Web standards, the main reason I need to learn more about CSS. on Google Friend Connect | Betsy Schiffman wrote an article which alerted me to Google Friend Connect, an attempt by the Web giant to offer code to Web folk like me to allow us to integrate social networking Web sites into our own Site. Imagine being on my page and having MySpace or Facebook controls at your fingertips. Not quite sure what it is yet, as it hasn’t been released, but I asked to be notified by Big Brother Google when it happens.

Google Docs | In the meantime, I should probably take a look at Google Docs sometime.

Snap. I just trademarked my face. | Oh, wait, that was Apple. Ha.

RSS on iPod | Now, that looks like an interesting concept.

iPod customization, et. al | More food for thought.

Free audiobooks? | More for the iPod.

Free classic audio books | iPod geek.

I need a new Word Press theme.

Word Press theme # 1 | I have grown tired of my theme, so here’s a bunch more to look at.

Word Press theme # 2

Word Press theme # 3

Word Press theme # 4

Word Press theme # 5

Word Press theme # 6 | I need to RSS this. | Where did it go?

A Web mystery | Pawel Ciszewski: an entrepreneur or a Web site killer? | A good Houston Web company.

Tendenci content management | Schipul’s content management system.

Creative Leak | An interesting art community, created by a lead designer at Schipul.

Leila Dallal | My friend, Leila, is an artist. Here is some promo material

Black-Eyed Susan | The official drink of the Preakness. It’s good. But two parts sweet and sour, not three – please. It’s good frozen, too.

Sabai Thai Cafe | Kim suggests this place for dinner.

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