2 thoughts on “Google’s Chrome”

  1. Haven’t crashed a tab yet, but man I love how fast it works on my ‘puter, which is super slow being last year’s discount laptop model and all. Seriously, I think I have 500 mb memory. Ha!

    So, I love the small programs and Web sites that won’t slow down everything else I’m doing.

    Here’s the link to the Photoshop wackiness Elaine mentions.

  2. Hey – yeah, I got it last week…and being an artsy-fartsy who works with a bunch of artsy-fartsies, we got all goofy over the comic 🙂 Gizmodo is having a contest for who can make the most offensive edits to it…I believe…what will they think of next. 😛
    But yeah, the way it works is pretty smart – but I read a web article in 1996 that basically said Java would serve to rival current web browsers in the next few years…maybe it took a bit longer, but it seems they were right. It’s super fast! Have you seen the little sad face when you crash a tab yet? I haven’t…cause I haven’t crashed a tab yet, but a coworker did. 🙂

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