An exercise in randomness

There’s a lot out there today, and my brain is scattered across so many different things …

  • Did you know that cinnamon, cayenne pepper and Diatomaceous Earth may be great solutions to an invasive sugar ant problem? That’s according to Dollar Stretcher.
  • The torrent Pirates strike back with a pay-to-hide-yourself scheme that promises to not deter their jail time.
  • The Plantwoman – a favorite blogger of mine – responds to my comment and offers a suggestion on how to install a soaker system to ease up the daily watering chore.
  • Maybe I’ll go swimming Friday before my indebted servitude to my cousin’s wedding rehearsal dinner. I am her official wedding photographer. My fee: She pays for my babysitting Saturday night because my five-year-old daughter can’t come to the wedding because she booked her reception in a bar that doesn’t allow kids under the age of 10. The bar is, apparently, A-OK with hosting a reception for just-married couples who are 18. What’s up wit dat?
  • Opera Unite is freaking awesome.  …. I can’t wait to play with it some more, as I attempt to make my home computer more accessible – without depending on the cloud. We. Are. The. Cloud, it would seem, with Opera Unite.
  • As inspired by LifeHacker, I’ve created my own collection of my favorite Firefox Add-Ons …

That’s it. Enjoy.

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