We’ll even let them eat cake

Sweet Tooth, 2800 Avenue K in Rosenberg, has been contracted as the official bakery of the Kovar-Moeller wedding. A Yahoo Reviews page is the closest thing they have to a web site. Hmmmm….

Kim and I had a chance to drop by their offices recently for a cake testing and they made two giant cakes for us to sample and showed us a portfolio of their work.

I hate to spoil the cake before it’s baked, so I think all I’m allowed to say is that Kim’s will be white and mine will be chocolate.

I was really impressed with the owner’s cake portfolio and professionalism and look forward to the masterpiece her staff will be creating for our special day.

We took home a lot of cake after our tasting at Sweet Tooth.
We took home a lot of cake after our tasting at Sweet Tooth.

Also, songs that were rejected today for consideration for the wedding reception playlist:

  • Table and Chairs – Andrew Bird
  • Waltz #2 – Elliott Smith
  • Sugar Magnolia – Grateful Dead
  • Flowers and Liquor – Hayes Carll
  • Burn the Honeysuckle – The Gourds
  • Voodoo Chile – Jimi Hendrix

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