Recent pickings

Having a garden is hard work. So is caring for a newborn. These days I barely have time to pick the harvest, but it’s even harder finding the time to prepare it and eat it.

Still, what’s the point of growing it if you can’t flaunt it on the Internets?

Eggplant ready to grill on May 22
Eggplant, ready to grill on May 22
Carrots! Picked on May 30.
Carrots! Picked on May 30.
A row of tomatoes, photo taken June 7
A row of tomatoes, photo taken June 7

4 thoughts on “Recent pickings”

  1. That row of tomatoes looks so pretty. I’ll come over and cook the stuff for y’all. I know Kim definitely does not have time, what with the little human attached most hours of the day. How does eggplant parmesan sound? Those are really nice slender eggplants.

  2. Brandon, the only difference I see is that I now have to put my e-mail and name in. Other than that, I really do not see a difference. The other way was easy to use, but, this way is okay, also. I don’t really know that much about web stuff, posting, etc. but all the stuff you do on these sites are so technical. I’m glad someone I know, knows how to do all the computer stuff I sometimes need help with. Happy Father’s Day, to the Best Dad I know!:)

    1. Thanks! I believe that the next time you leave a comment, your browser should remember your name and e-mail address, so you won’t have to put it in again… You can also try signing in using your Facebook account … by clicking the Facebook icon …

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