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Facebook has announced the launch of a new WordPress plugin that it has developed to integrate its most-popular social network with the most-used, self-hosted publishing platform.

This sounds really cool. For years, we’ve relied on workarounds coded by the community.

It’s good to hear that the Facebook developers have finally stepped up and done it themselves. More stability, I hope! And with luck, this plugin will progress as Facebook does.

This solution will likely replace a few others that I currently use, including some of the functionality of Otto42’s Simple Facebook Connect plugin. However, Otto’s work is still vital to this website – as I likely will keep the integration of his Connect to Facebook feature to allow visitors to comment here using their Facebook profile.

One annoyance observed right-off-the-bat: When you save a draft; your “Facebook status on your timeline” and “Mention Facebook friends” data is lost. Luckily, Firefox remembers my form data.

UPDATE: 3:45 p.m. – The Simple Facebook Connect plugin conflicts with the new Facebook plugin. Duh. Deactivating it ended a three-hour-long headache of trying to get the new plugin’s “Facebook Social Publisher” and “Facebook Author Message” function to work. Which is very cool, by the way.

UPDATE: 11:37 p.m. – I found this post where Simple Facebook Connect plugin author Otto42 reports that he’ll likely eventually drop support for his awesome and years-ahead-of-its-time plugin, in favor of supporting the official Facebook plugin. Otto42 is a frequent contributor to WordPress and I’m interested to see what this new plugin will do in terms of freeing up his time to focus on other matters.

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    I have this error when I gonna publish

    Publish Timeline Author Error

    Failed posting to your Facebook Timeline. Error: {“message”:”Application with ID XXX has not been granted the capability to use the property message.”,”type”:”Exception”}

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