Two hands

I took this photo with my Google Nexus S while feeding Marshall.

His hand had rested on mine while he was eating.

The photo was taken a few days after my father told a story about a memory he has of me doing something similar.

It’s moments like this that remind me it’s worth it, and to slow down and enjoy it. All the wiser parents I run into every day tell me it all flies by too fast.

The photo was posted on Instagram and shared on Facebook.

One thought on “Two hands”

  1. That’s true, Brandon. Before you know it, you’ll turn around and Marshall will be ready to graduate from high school and you’ll be left wondering, where did the time go. It might seem like time goes by slowly when they are little, but somewhere along the way things speed up without you even realizing it. I’m glad you realize that everyone needs to slow down and enjoy all the little things before your memories are all that remain. (Darnit, I’ve made myself cry.)

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