Less than 24 hours after updating all the WordPress sites I manage on Monday to the latest version 3.7 which came out on Friday — it looks like the new 3.7.1 is available.

Can’t wait to see how the new automatic update feature works on this site.

Here’s a good read about the choice to keep automatic updates simple in the admin, via the Tavern.

Also, I’m waiting for my custom vanity URL for my Google+ profile.


One thought on “Waiting”

  1. A day later, I receive two e-mails; one from my website informing me that it updated itself to the latest version of WordPress (awesome, the message included the line “No further action is needed on your part.” which I think I will try to work into everyday conversation FROM NOW ON) and another from Google+ telling me I’m now “eligible” for the vanity URL and that they’re capable of reading my mind and reserved google.com/+BrandonMoeller just for me. Google sure must be good at pattern recognition.

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