In dependence

Jeremy aka Adactio has a great all-inclusive article about the recent web posts amongst independent online publishers (bloggers?) who are pondering the future of the medium. Namely Jason Kottke who said the blog is dead.

For myself, looking at the year-over-year data for my own personal website, even though I likely created more posts here than ever this year, my readership hasn’t significantly increased.

But surely, if this really mattered to me, I would have strived more often to write content that would appeal to a larger audience … For the most part, I’ve been busier with more important things. Read: Baby.

But I don’t care if the audience is in the silos … More and more I find myself not inclined to share my posts from this outlet in the social media circus that I consume more of than participate in. I enjoy the control over my content that the other sites will never allow; my key target audiences of relatives and my own selfish self are happy … Who cares?

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