I’m not saying people won’t give away their wares for free online in the future, I’m just saying this whining that you can’t make any money, that everyone expects everything to be free online … those days are just about through. Sure, you can read posts for free on Facebook and Twitter, but those sites were built on the public’s back. And they’ve peaked too.
Bob Lefsetz, The Web Has Peaked and No One Wants to Read Your Tweets

On front-page.php

I found this article by Chip Bennet to be interesting; it is about the difference between a theme’s template files for home pages and front pages. There is a difference, of course, and I like his proposed changes to the nomenclature throughout.

A quote:

Blog Posts Index

Use home.php.
Simple, right? But what about a custom page template, such as template-blog.php? Can’t a Theme also use that? Not to put too fine a point on it, but: no. That would be _doing_it_wrong().

I found the article from Post Status, a blog I recently found which has a great roundup of interesting WordPress news and not so annoying as others.

Jim White seconds my motion, all in favor please don’t shoot

Jim White, whose 2012 record Where it Hits You was one of my favorite listens of last year, is pretty active on Facebook these days.

I’m pretty sure it’s him and not just those annoying marketing personnel who update Facebook pages (yeah, I’m one of those so I can say this).

Anyway, he said this today:


A lot of people commented. So did I:


And then – and this is where the story gets good, people – Jim White responded!


In case you can’t see it above:

Now thats out of the box thinking Brandon!

Thus concludes my story about my brush with fame today, or at least my interaction with a great singer-songwriter on the only social network everyone cares about.