I to dumb fer Opera UNite

OK. So, for the past couple of days, after seeing all the hype about Opera Unite, I’ve been trying to share photos between the two computers I use on a daily basis.

But for two days in a row, I’ve been failing, and today it looks like part of it is my fault and part of it is Opera’s fault. As of this writing, I can no longer see the homepage of my Opera Unite account at my primary daytime computer, but when I click on the “Photo Sharing” service, those photos pop up. So, I don’t know if some parts of Opera Unite is down or something – I was able to see my homepage of my Opera Unite yesterday …

Also, when I try to access the files I allowed it to share from home, those files are now unavailable because the “device (is) unavailable.” Now this one is my fault.

Lesson learned: the hosting machine must have Opera Unite up and running for the files to be shared (having the computer on and ready is not enough) and the receiving end can then insert the share link in any browser to access those files.

But that’s a problem for me. I’ve never used Opera before two days ago, when I heard about Unite, and I downloaded it on a whim.

I’ll keep trying, however, because I really like the ability to easily share content with someone by giving them a URL link. And at least the photo sharing service looks cool – so far, the media player service seems lackluster because though I can stream my home MP3 collection anywhere, I can’t shuffle it all. I can only shuffle each folder (album) at a time. Sigh. I bet that’s improved, soon, though for now – though I plan on not giving up on Opera Unite, I think I’m also going to check out DropBox (mac) and Windows Mesh thingy. I’ll fall in love with one solution, soon enough, and then, I will be one synced puppy … or something.

P.S. I’m also too stupid to know how to rename folders in Google Reader. Thankfully, Elena Santos ain’t.

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