He’s back

On August 8 – the first day I was able to put my shoes on and go out and water my lawn after a week of recovering from the great white shark attack on my toe – the frog was in my shoe. This wasn’t the first or second or even third visit, either. But it was the fourth one I caught with my camera.

So I dumped him out and snapped some photos for your amusement.

There he is. In my shoe. Which means the dance begins.
Sometimes I consider buying new gardening shoes just so he won't be disturbed. (Don't tell Kim)
"You don't scare me, fat boy."
He's so lethargic when I find him in my shoe in the mornings.
A wee bit disillusioned, too. I mean, what's he trying to do here? Hide under the shoe? Fat chance.
Until we meet again ...

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