There’s a frog in my shoe

It’s freaking hot out there.

It’s enough to lose one’s sanity. Or their ticket-writing machine.

Perhaps the heat is the reason that it is quite possible that a frog is in my shoe at This Very Moment.

The frog and the shoe
A frog and my shoe

It’s true. For the past few months, I’ve been finding a frog in my gardening shoes, which I keep outside on the porch. I’ve gotten so used to his presence in the smelly leather uppers that I now shake the shoe before attempting to plant my foot in it.

Because, the first time I found him there, I did not. I got my foot halfway in there and the panicked frog panicked me, I dropped the shoe, he hopped out, and hilarity ensued.

So here’s some photos of my froggy friend. What should I name him?

Crouching frog, hiding after being shaken from shoe
Crouching frog hiding from me after I shook him from my shoe.

8 thoughts on “There’s a frog in my shoe”

  1. How hot is it? (Oh, wait, I thought we were doing that comedy routine.)

    Anyway, I’d like to name him Kermit. However, he looks sadder than Kermit the Frog.

    If I accidentally get him with the Weed Eater, I can call him the Legless Wonder.

    Or maybe Squish. Squish is good. Of course, I’d have to step on him first.

    Just kidding. I’m kind to all frogs. Unless they get in my way.

  2. You’re blogging! Yay. Is someone paying you??

    Those shoes are pretty clean for gardening shoes.

    That is one cute little froggy. Hopefully the weed wacker
    lady won’t butcher him!! 😉

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