This year’s seeds

Today was all about the grass. I got 15 more squares of grass from Houston Garden Center today (Kim got 20 yesterday) and I spread them around the front and backyard. I had to dig up some dead grass before placing them down; and I murdered some grubs who have been enjoying a feast on my grass’ roots for way too long.

Since I was at Houston Garden Center, I couldn’t resist buying a 24 pack of color ($5.77); I chose Bronze Leaf Red Begonia. I then went to Lowe’s to get some MiracleGro Seed Starter Potting Mix, there I found a six pack of African Marigolds that I could not resist ($1). I also bought a packet of portulaca seed ($1.29), I wanted them because I discovered some volunteers from last year in my flower bed, and they need company.

A shot of the new additions to the bed.
A shot of the new additions to the bed.

Tomorrow will be all about the seeds, as I expect my shipment from Park Seed to be in. Check out what I ordered this year from ParkSeed below.

Quantity Variety Cost
3 Coleus Wizard Mix $4.05
2 Dianthus chinensis Baby Doll $1.50
2 Cosmos PsycheMix $1.90
2 Mexican Zinnia Persian Carpet Mix $1.50
1 Cosmos Happy Ring $1.95
1 Monarda ‘Bergamo’ $1.95
1 Snapdragon Labella Mix $1.00
1 Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy $2.95
1 Blanket Flower ‘Arizona Sun’ $1.95
1 Snapdragon Night and Day $1.25
1 Bellflower Complete Mix $0.75

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