E-mail design for CLASS newsletter

This is the e-mail newsletter I designed for the first issue of the new CLASS News Update newsletter for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at UH.

Convio newsletter image
A screen capture of the 'above-the-fold' newsletter content. I'm particularly proud of the unique nameplate and calendar graphics I created for this new form of communication for the college.

The college’s Director of Communication decided which articles we would run under which category, and I designed graphics for the calendar items and ensured that all of the other articles had art to represent them. I was responsible for all aspects of the design of the newsletter. One of my photos that I took during the Fall 2010 commencement ceremony was published in this newsletter.

Newsletter Top Story
The 'Top Story' section of the newsletter, featuring a photo I took and a brief synopsis of the main story we wanted readers to know about, with bullet-ed links for more information.

The e-mail was sent through the University’s Convio e-mail system to more than 25,000 identified donors, alumni and friends of the college.

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