The new commenting system

On Friday, in a whirl-wind week of WordPress updates and announcements, a new commenting system was released as part of the Jetpack plugin update.

The new commenting system, which I have enabled on this site, continues to allow users of this website to leave a comment by simply adding their name, their e-mail address (which stays confidential) and an optional web address to a simple form at the bottom of the page.

As it always has been, if you have a Gravatar and sign in to leave a comment this way, the photo you uploaded to Gravatar will display.

For example, see this comment here:

The new commenting system also allows you to comment on the posts by signing in with your Facebook, Twitter or accounts. If you’re like me, you’re likely already signed into one of these accounts, so clicking the icons for the service you wish to sign in as is somewhat seamless, once you agree to install the new facebook app on your profile.

As of this writing, two of my friends apparently have already done this for other sites.

Lemme know what you think about the new commenting system below in, you guessed it, the comments section. Especially if you can’t tell much of a difference.

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