Respect for Craig Washington :

“When the spindletop stops” :

HPD to driver: Lemme look at your weiner :

Hand it over: Texas Watchdog wins fight for Houston open records :

Tony Diaz vs. Houston Press, concerning “Ask a Mexican” :

I’m so glad we have lawyers, the be-all, end-all solution to any problem :

Downtown Rosenberg photo planned :

Texas Watchdog reviews what happened to bill in the Texas Lege that they had an interest in :

Food not bombs and the Houston Public Library :

Grapes on the Brazos returns :

Google to newspapers: “Don’t want us to index your work? Fine. It’s easy. Here’s how.” :

Why Wikipedia photos suck :

A cable TV employee trolls and tells Jeff Jarvis he is “not a VIP … (or) a good customer” and that he should “wait for (his) turn to get help like everyone else.” :

Leaving journalism is healthy :

Evan Smith to leave Texas Monthly :

Free MP3 “Say Please” – Monsters of Folk :

Animal Collective samples The Grateful Dead :

Kings of Convenience MP3 :

Something to do July 31 :

Elaine Greer at Sugar Hill :

Neko on LexGo :

Goodbye, DRM :

Is art still art if it’s broken into several pieces :

More CSS tricks :

A List Apart: The Inclusion Principle :

Web Accessibility in Mind’s Quick Reference guide :

What’s not to like about liking :

Can’t use the web? Could it be your phone? :

Dear Digg: if the ad looks like the content, people will stop coming back to look for the content :

Free alternatives to Photoshop :

Web standards open curriculum :

Yahoo can now serve as a basic site aggregator :

The latest Google Wave hype :

R.I.P. iPod? :

Unless Google buys this, it will never catch on :

Blog eye candy :

The Facebookization of Yahoo! :

Upload photos to Facebook via e-mail :

Remember the Task is an AdobeAIR ware for Remember The Milk :

Help this dude collect One. Million. Giraffes. :

The mystery of grave 449 :

Just because the Baptists do not believe the same as I do doesn’t mean they should be condemned; Christ warned about such stone throwing in Scripture. :

Sacha Baron Cohen is Sarah :

“Many companies miss the garbled, unpunctuated non-English market segment …” :

Finally! A cat lady documentary :

BuckyBalls! :

Resentment (and vodka) :

Attract hummingbirds :

GWI Annual Honor Roll :

How to grow tomatoes :

Fight leaf spot and mildew on my zinnias, already :

Compost made easy :

Herb organizer/herb garden, my frog would love this :

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Police Report :

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