Return of the frog in my shoe

Yesterday, I mowed the lawn. Today I edged. Both days, I found a frog in my shoe.

I keep the shoes outside because I only use them when I mow the lawn.

This happened before. Time and time and time and time again. Oddly, I have no photos of frogs in my online Gardening 2011 album. Maybe it was too damn hot or I just didn’t see any frogs.

3 thoughts on “Return of the frog in my shoe”

  1. That’s not the kind of frogs we have here. There was a tiny rubbery-looking neon green frog here about 5 years ago. I took lots of pictures of it. I’ll have to show them to you sometimes. The frogs we have here now are about the size of the frog in your shoe, but they don’t have the same colorings. They’re mostly light brown and not camoflage(sp.)

  2. We’ve had different kinds of frogs here over the years. I once had one of those rubbery neon green ones.

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