Gruene Hall: We were there (together)

On July 1, 2009, Kim and I visited historic Gruene Hall outside of New Braunfels. Standing outside, a biker saw us and offered to take our photo. We obliged — who wouldn’t? — he was a biker.

Biker photo
The biker took our photo, though I'm pretty sure his bike stole the frame.

Then, Kim took my picture outside of the historic building.

Some guy in front of Gruene Hall.

Then, I took her photo.

Kim at Gruene Hall
Kim at Gruene Hall.

And later, using Adobe Photoshop, I combined the two individual photos to create an image of us together, in front of a full view of Gruene Hall.

Gruene Hall together
Grune Hall: We were there, together.

Then, later the combined photo was printed in a Shutterfly book I made for Kim.

shutterfly book
The Shutterfly book I made for Kim to remember our 2009 summer vacation across central Texas.
Gruene Hall photo in book
Here is the adjusted photo as published in the Shutterfly book.

Of course, the gallery of the photos I took during our Summer 2009 vacation can be seen here: day one and day two.

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