The way it is

Here’s the obligatory end-of-the-week post-o-links.

A store sign spotted on the way to Freeport last week.
A store sign spotted on the way to Freeport last week.

Sharks + Beer = (Bleep) yeah! :


Third comment :


How to recycle rain :

The botanical collection :

I would wiggle mine, but it was mauled by a shark :

Smash it open :

How to Bypass Stupid Voicemail Instructions :

Laughing Squid was banned for mysterious reasons for months from Digg, proving Digg is pretty worthless :

MySpace steps toward open :

FileSoup under seige :

WebTrends 9 is out :

Die for freedom, but don’t you dare enjoy it yourself :

Kill, kill, kill IE6 :

A little more openness for facebook Pages :

The end of the codec wars? :

Now that’s what I call a remote control :

Bring. It. Down. :

IE6 – No More! :

Transparent PNGs + IE 6 :

A-Z of Free Photoshop Plugins and Filters :

Inside the Erskine redesign :

How to redesign your own site :

“Heck, you’ve already reduced the size of the weekday paper to a point the delivery folks are having to add weight to keep people’s copies from blowing away.” :

That’ll get their attention :

New inspection stickers invoke feelings of cowboy pride, heritage :

No more (kid) culture at the Woodlands Mall :

Hail Mary: Nutty Christians vs. Social Science :

The Smoking Gun vs. the not-so-merry pranksters :
The right should ‘come to Jesus’ :

Why the AP no longer matters :

New Wes Anderson flick, Fantastic Mr. Fox :

Meridian, JavaJazz merge in a move that makes no sense :

Rolling Stone nods Listen Listen :

Loving it up while you’re falling down :

Get Tweedy on the phone and over here, stat :

A Palin divorce? :

Now we pay you, now we don’t :

A tribute to Pumpkin :

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