7 Questions with Tonja Jones: Houston Alumni Organization director of Operation School Supplies

Today, an article I wrote appeared on the East End neighborhood news section of the Houston Chronicle’s website.

For the article, I interviewed Tonja Jones, the UH alumni director of a project that benefits local schoolchildren.

Chron article about Operation School Supplies
This story I wrote appeared on

This story was part of our ongoing series titled “7 Questions,” where we interviewed local leaders and wrote a story for the website that we advertised in the print edition.

Here is the first four graphs of the story:

Every year, Houstonians have the opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life by donating to a project called Operation School Supplies.

We chatted with Tonja Jones, Vice President for Alumni and Student Programs at the Houston Alumni Organization who also organized the annual drive. For more information, please visit

Q. Can a pencil change the world?

A. I believe in the concept of each life affecting another. Everybody’s affected by people who have the things they need to succeed. The project only serves the youngest students, K-5th grade. But it’s a building block. You have to build from the basic time of their lives. Having self confidence starts from a very small age.


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Kodak vs. Samsung

For Father’s Day, the love of my life gave me a Kodak EasyShare C813 – that was on sale, she was sure to note – and I am thrilled. Even though just a few minutes ago I finally took it out of its open-proof packaging and put it to work.

In the meanwhile, I bet she’s either been thinking to herself:

A.) He’s not really thrilled with the gift

B.) He’s secretly planning to return it, get the cash and land himself two adult Frontosas.

C.) He loves it. He just doesn’t wanna let on he expects such great gifts.

D.) I shoulda boughta Coach purse for myself, instead.

Well, no matter what she was thinking, the answer is “C” and here is a test run of the new camera vs. the camera I already have – yet, as she so tenderly noted: “Everytime you use the damn thing, you say how much you hate it.”

Let’s take a look …


The first Samsung shot.


The first Kodak shot.

Yup. Hands down, the new one’s better. And, it doesn’t take several seconds to try to auto focus and decide if it wants to shoot or not. Hooray!